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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sat Dec 2, 2000  4:34 pm
Subject:  Re: introduction

Hello Tini,
thank you very much for your introduction. Itīs good to know something about
the persons who " fell in love with the SMWS " (Sutton Movement Writing
System) .
Looking at the materials at the early stages of SW I couldn`t imagine that
I would have become sooo much interested in SW. This shows that Valerie and
her co-workers (???? ) has already had a clear idea of SW could become some
Coming from Holland you know that it takes quite a time to get familiar with
the specific meanings of the comments expressed in a foreign language.
Do you understand German as well ??
SW is - at least from my point of view - the most powerfull tool to learn
any given signlanguage - or for the deaf to learn the spoken language of
their country.
Hopefully we will become within the next year some more SW-enthusiasts so
that we will be able to produce nice materials. We`ll keep you informed via
the SW-list.

So - welcome within this wonderful, interesting, most of the time very
tolerant and engaged club. Would love to read the one or other question
concerning spelling or reading SW (not the meaning but the way how to follow
the movement instructions)
Have you had the chance to browse through the long list of issues we
already discussed on the list. Have a look at the archives.
Valerie is doing a tremendous job to keep the process of SW - development
on going. Have a look at the
SW email- lessons at the homepage.

All the very best to you and much time to dive into this wonderfull system

Stefan ;-)

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From: henk pel
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 8:39 PM
Subject: introduction

> Dear Members,
> My name is Tini Pel. I live with my husband Henk in Gore Bay Manitoulin
> Island Canada. I met Valerie many years ago during one of the
> dance seminar in Copenhagen Denmark, Valerie introduced us to dance
> and I "fell in love with it".
> Over the years Valerie send me the information about sign writing as well.
> put it aside not really thinking that I will ever use it. I am really
> I did My dance writing has helped me to decipher some of the signs of
> writing, which has given me hope to help me with learning ASL. ASL is my
> third. language as I am originally from Holland. We came to Canada in
> My profession is a teacher in classical ballet and dance drama.
> I am now involved with an organization called L.I.F.E. which stand for
> Learning Is Fun Eh. (Canadians are known for ending their sentences with
> "eh"). It has an ASL division and I have taken the Vista Course 100. I am
> now working on Vista 200 series. So I am still a beginner. I have to
> about two and a half hours to Sudbury to get a lesson, so it is slow
> But I really like it as I now can converse with a deaf person here in
> He also comes to our sessions and it has changed his life he says. He is a
> 60 year old man and was very much by himself. His family never learned
> language as they believed he should learn to speak, which he does, but
> difficulty.
> So this is my story in a "nutshell". I am enjoying your messages daily and
> have learned from it.
> I am honored to be among you and I hope I can contribute to sign writing
> some day. Thank you, Tini Pel.

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