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From:  Ruth E Kartchner
Date:  Thu Oct 15, 1998  5:07 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing SW Literature

I have to put in my 2 cents worth also. This is something I have noticed
in the stories talked about so far, that there is not a Deaf version of
Goldilocks and other well known characters in children's literature, or
maybe there are, but they have not been mentioned. I worry about that from
the standpoint of maybe not taking advantage of literature to validate the
Deaf culture. I think it's important to do that.

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Cecelia Smith wrote:

> What is transliteration?
> Well, I don't want to get fancy or technical... mostly becuz I will end up
> with egg on my face if I do, but I do want to put my 2 cents in...
> As an interpreter...
> When I transliterate, I take the English words, and put them into Sign
> language in exactly as they are ... it would be like saying something in
> Spanish
> No hablo Espanol
> No speak-me Spanish
> The above is a transliteration of the Spanish, whereas a translation would
> have been
> I do not speak Spanish.
> However, what you are talking about.... Someone telling a story, like
> Cinderella or Snow White... what ever, in their language... that is not
> translation or transliteration. When someone is a story teller, they tell
> the story. Versions of Cinderella are found in almost every single culture
> in the world. It is their story.
> I would even be willing to bet that there is a "Deaf" Cinderella story... a
> young Deaf girl, forced to do menial tasks because she is deaf, and then
> "magically" restored to life by ASL and Deaf culture.
> Anyway, that is off the point. What you are talking about is someone telling
> stories, these stories are being TRANSCRIBED into a written form, and
> reproduced as a written form of an oral tradition.
> That is the process that all the spoken language stories have gone through
> too. The only trick is, you hope that the transcribed version is a good one,
> becuz what gets written down get set in cement.
> Cecelia

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