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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Thu Mar 8, 2001  8:17 pm
Subject:  Re: En: Rotations at 90 and 180 degrees (forward)

Hi Valerie , Chris and friends at SignNet-MCT-PUCRS,

Just want to share that I love to read your questions. Looking at your
prepared gifs - it is easy to follow your idea and to understand the
problem. Congrats for that !!

Thinking back about 18 months I had to overcome similar problems and I am
still learning when I am asked to think about a special spelling problem. So
it is helpfull for me too !!!

Yes Valerie - I prepared the gif and I prefer to write start and endposition
instead of using different rotation-symbols for quarter or half-circles.

You know that I have to write GebaerdenSchrift - sentences every day for my
first grade and 8th grade students. I got the impression that my "readers"
feel much more secure if they find both postions in case of a rotational

Especialy if there is a combination of rotation and moving forward I put
more emphasis on the movement forward or aside and try to inform the reader
that he has to be aware of the rotation which is indicated with the start
and endpositions of the hands. My experience with these symbols is that they
are easy to understand and not overloaded with too many tiny elements.

Now I > sitting here with my doubts. Of course my readers read what I told
them how to interpret my writing - if we read the written documents together
for the first time ---ha - that is a tricky thing about SW. You can simply
declare a special "symbol-Gestalt" as the spelling of a special "movement"
you have in mind- My students and probably most of the SW-beginners will
accept this new "picture " as what it should represent - if the author
informs them about the meaning - The new readers are not eager to analyze
the meaning and every single tiny symbol within the whole symbol. I bet
that I could hurt a couple of conventions in SW without causing too much
trouble for the beginner. That is the same in every other written language.
You can read and understand, even if the writer happened to write his text
with a couple of misspellings. (ha look at my English - it the same ;-) ))

Go ahead with your next question - I looking forward to new answers

Stefan ;-)

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