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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Tue Mar 13, 2001  6:51 am
Subject:  reactions

Dear Valerie and SignWriting List,
I would like to tell you about some very nice things that have happened
since Tini submitted poems to and to the list. Letters of
encouragement have arrived at our mailbox. We like to thank Valerie, Jerry
and Stefan for their help. It would not have been possible without receiving
their advice.
Stefan asked us to have a second look at some of the signs that appeared in
those poems. He did not say that they were wrong or that we should redraw
them. No, he just asked us to have a good look at them to see if we really
said, in signwriting form, what we wanted to say.
What a fantastic way of teaching! He encouraged us to improve on those signs
if we felt that that was necessary. Tini did rework some of those signs and
we sent them to him for commentary.
We know that Stefan's dream is to support Valerie in her idea to spread
SignWriting. To spread it in such a way that not too many different
constructions of signs are created. Admittedly there cannot be complete
uniformity, but we should be able to keep the differences to a minimum.
Stefan mentioned that one way of doing this, is to have a little seminar via
the List. We know that we have benefited greatly from the recent e-mail
chats we had with Stefan these last few days.
We would like to continue these little seminars via the list, in order that
we can all learn from it. What do you think?
Tini and Henk.

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