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From:  Patsy van Andel
Date:  Wed Mar 14, 2001  2:53 pm
Subject:  Hi, I'm new

Hello everyone,

My name is Patsy van Andel and I am an American living in Holland. I
have wanted to learn sign language since my early twenties and have
recently been confronted with a situation that has convinced me that
it's now time to do so. I speak fluent Dutch and pretty good German
(I lived in Germany for three years). I stumbled on to the SW site
while looking for information on sign language courses here in

I write children's stories and songs and believe that I have finally
found my calling, writing stories for deaf children. However, I have
to learn sign language first. I have downloaded SW 4.4 and am hoping
that I can combine learning sign language with learning to write it.
I can understand some of the symbols, maybe even enough to start
writing for toddlers. I have been in touch with someone who might be
able to help me learn sign language, so who knows what will happen.

Any information or help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.



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