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From:  Patsy van Andel
Date:  Sat Mar 17, 2001  7:24 pm
Subject:  God's boxes

I love God's boxes. I'm going to print out the parts of the poem and
show them to the parents of Miriam (the deaf child in my

I have made more phone calls and have been given the name of Liesbet
Pyffers of PRACHMA. I wrote to her asking her for more information
and help but haven't heard from her yet. While looking up information
on sign language and came across her name in a section of a book
called (translation) "Grafic Symbols in Supporting Communication" as
a literature reference for Sign Writing. The books by Valerie were
also listed along with examples of SW. In the meantime, I've also
borrowed a CD-ROM about sign language. At any rate, it's a start. I'm
looking forward to learning more and, hopefully, understanding the SW

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