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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sun Mar 18, 2001  10:27 am
Subject:  Writing Sign Language

Dear Listmembers,
just a few minute ago I learned from a TV-broadcast for the Deaf that there has been a hearing French teacher for the Deaf at Paris called Bebian - a godchild of the famous Deaf Sicard.  Bebian  has tried to find /invent a writing -system for SL himself. He has written a book "Mimographie" which has been published 1825.  In this book he described his teaching method -  using this SL-writing system -  to teach his Deaf students.
Isn't  it amazing ?
Has anybody already seen his way of " Writing Sign Language" ?
Im interesting to learn about his ideas and experiences - does anybody know about him ?
Best wishes
Stefan ;-)

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