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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Mar 29, 2001  2:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Greek Sign Language Dictionary

Themis Karaminis wrote:
>During the last months I've been working on the transcription of some
>Greek Sign Language videos with SignWriter. This resulted in a 600-sign
>dictionary. Besides some uncertainty about the correctness of some
>signs, I face the problem that the greek alphabet is different from the
>latin alphabet. Can SignWriter accept greek fonts? How? Is the
>documentation available? This question also concerns the menus, so as a
>greek version of SW would be produced.

SignWriting List
March 29, 2001

Hello Themis!
Thank you for this message. And thank you for telling us about your
600-sign, Greek Sign Language Dictionary. I believe you just received
the SignWriter program in January of this year? You have worked very
quickly!! Congratulations on all you have accomplished ;-)

Regarding your question. I will be happy to create a Greek version of
SignWriter 4.4 for you. As you know, we already have 10 spoken
languages represented in SignWriter. All ten languages use the Roman

SignWriter 4.4 is an old program, in the sense that the editors I
must use to create a new version are based on the old computer world
of MS-DOS. This means that SignWriter 4.4 does not automatically
"hook into" the operating system in Windows. In other words,
SignWriter does not "hook into" the "font system" that is setup in
Windows, so although we cannot use your Greek fonts in SignWriter
4.4, I can create a NEW Greek font, just for you, in SignWriter 4.4.
This means I will be manually entering every Greek symbol personally,
into an editor, and making SignWriter 4.4 type Greek!

Unfortunately, I am uneducated to the Greek way of writing, but if
you can provide me with the Greek symbols, plus show me where they
are located on your keyboard (a keyboard map), I will be happy to do
my utmost for you....

Plus, to make the commands work on the screen in Greek, I would also
need you to translate over 100 English command lines into the Greek
language, type them in Microsoft Word in Greek, and provide me with
your modern Greek fonts too, so I can "reproduce" what you typed on
my Windows computer....this is not uncomplex, and it may not work,
but I am happy to try ;-)

If for any reason this does not work, I want you to know that several
different programmers are working on more modern versions of
SignWriter that are not in MS-DOS, but in Windows, and when that day
comes, a lot of these problems will be solved.

So for right now, we will try to create this special Greek version of
SignWriter 4.4 manually, symbol by symbol. Is Greek written from left
to right? The spoken language section in SignWriter requires
left-to-right writing...and how many symbols are there in the Greek

I look forward to discussing this further...


Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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