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From:  GS-Media
Date:  Thu Dec 27, 2001  11:41 am
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: Right & Left Placement

Dear Val,

Good to know the spatial placement can also be entered in the original
horizontal version.

As you've written and shown in the gif example you've sent, for signs
where the head is written, the head can serve as a 'midline anchor'. In
your example, the second sign has no head and is placed on the midline
in the vertical version.

This, unfortunately, leads to some more questions:
As we wanted to avoid too many heads in our notation, we have been
using the convention of writing the head only when it carries extra
semantic or grammatical information. However, we also have manual signs
with no 'head information' but the hands nevertheless need to be placed
left or right.
Do we have to add a head to these cases? i.e. add the head with only an
'anchoring' but no other linguistic function?
Or is there perhaps some other symbol that we could use to anchor the
manual signs which have a special spatial locus but no linguistic
information from the head?

Thanks again,


Valerie Sutton schrieb:
> SignWriting List
> December 21, 2001
> >>2) re. left right placement
> >>Do I understand you rightly, that in the horizontal .SGN file we send
> >>you, we take no note of left-right placement? (Which is anyway hard to
> >>do in the horizonal layout, right?). This means that we add the
> >>left-right placement later...
> Right and left placement can be typed horizontally. Use the facial
> expressions as the "anchor for center". Place the hands to the right
> or left of the facial expression. Here is an example:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Name: right-left.gif
> right-left.gif Type: GIF Image (image/gif)
> Encoding: base64
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