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From:  GS-Media
Date:  Thu Dec 27, 2001  11:50 am
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: Publishing Your First SW Story

Dear Val,

Thank you again for your help.
Actually, our team has written the transcription of the Noah text as you
suggested - the whole story with the signs as they appear, no
accompanying German glosses, directly in SignWriter 4.4. (What we sent
you before is from a separate word list file for Noah, intended for a
short glossary we want to put at the end of the story.) When the team
comes back to the office after New Years, we'll send you a SW4.4. and
Quicktime version of a sentence.

Now, hopefully, you'll get back to spending some more time with your
Florida family.

with warm greetings,

Valerie Sutton schrieb:
> SignWriting List
> December 21, 2001
> >some approximation of how much space the SW and corresponding
> >German translation for each sentence/paragraph takes, plus an idea of
> >how the symbols actually look when all strung together.
> Sadly, your first document will be a problem for you, because you do
> not have the whole story typed in SignWriting in SignWriter 4.4.
> Instead you typed individual glosses of the signs out of order from
> the story, without writing them in the context of the grammar and
> structure of the sign-sentences in the story.
> So in the future, type sentences from the beginning, without thinking
> in terms of glosses.
> The videotape you sent me is only individual glosses, so I cannot
> help you without seeing sign-sentences in their entirety.
> So here is my suggestion:
> 1. Let us give the first "complete sign-sentence" in the Noah story a
> name...let's call it "Noah1".
> 2. Ask your Deaf staff to type Noah1 directly in SignWriting without
> any spoken language, in SignWriter 4.4. Put in the facial
> expressions, and the shifting from right to left and other
> grammatical features that make it a real sentence. Name the SGN file
> "Noah1". (just one sign sentence - that is all).
> 3. Ask your technicians to create a QuickTime videoclip of Noah1.
> 4. Then send me the Quicktime and SGN file for Noah1.
> I can then prepare one sentence for you in vertical columns, so your
> layout artist can assess how much room it will take....
> How does that sound?
> --
> Val ;-)
> Valerie Sutton
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