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From:  GS-Media
Date:  Thu Dec 27, 2001  2:42 pm
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: Mouth Gestures

Dear Val,

The explanations and Gifs you sent on how to combine mouth gestures are
great - many thanks.

As usual, we have a followup question.
According your suggestions, to notate the p p p in our data, we would
need the following combination of three symbols:

3 times (Lips Pressed together + Lips Protruding Forward)
+ Air Coming out of Mouth.

The problem with combining this set of symbols in one face is that the
arrows from
the protruding lips symbols overlap with the lines from the Air Coming
out of Mouth symbols, resulting in a pretty crowded and unreadable
symbol. (See attached Gif.)
An ideal solution would be to move the 'Air Coming Out of Mouth' lines
further to the periphery of the face, so that this symbol is more
combinable with other mouth symbols. Is there any way the ordinary user
of SignWriter can do this - or does this get into basic programming?
We could also follow your first suggestion of writing two heads, one on
top of the other. The upper head could show 3 times the symbols 'Lips
Pressed together' + 'Lips Protruding Forward'; the lower head could
show the Air Coming out of Mouth. This solution however is somewhat
different from the two head examples in your Gif, where the upper head
represents the beginning of the movement and the lower head the end. In
my suggestion, the movement in the lower head accompanies each
repetition shown in the upper head. That is, the two heads are used to
show different aspects of a simultaneous movement. Does this go against
existing conventions for writing mouth movements?
But I would think that using a 2-head solution to show simultaneous
factors would be necessary for other combinations involving the Air
Coming OUt of Mouth symbol - like Puffed Out Cheeks combined with Air
Coming out of Mouth.

I suppose the most pragmatic solution would be to write all the
symbols on one face and then tidy up the image with a graphics program
(Graphic Converter, Photoshop) right before the print-out.

Warm greetings - from very cold and snowy Zurich,
Penny Boyes Braem


Oerlikonerstrasse 98

CH-8057 Zürich


Cell: 078 6622309
Fax: ++41 (0)1 312-1362
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