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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Dec 28, 2001  5:29 pm
Subject:  JAPAN: SignWriting for Japanese Sign Language

>Flavio Medina in Japan wrote: I want to talk about SignWriting for
>JSL (Japanese Sign Language). As I am in Japan, and already have
>some deaf friends here (in Brazil more than half of my friends are
>deafs), I became very courious about the SW for JSL.....

Dear SignWriting List Members, and Flavio!
Thank you for your message, Flavio, and welcome to the SignWriting
List again, but this time from Japan!

I remember before you were writing from Brazil, since you were
working on new computer software for SignWriting, with Antonio Carlos
da Rocha Costa in Pelotas, Brazil? Is that right?

So now you are in Japan, interested in working with SignWriting as a
part of your Master's Degree in Information Technology (IT)?

Yes...go right ahead and tell your professor that I will be happy to
help all I can with your work.

Please write a message to the SW List now, explaining some of your
ideas...What are you interested in researching, as a part of your
thesis with SignWriting?

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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