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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Fri Dec 28, 2001  1:30 pm
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: Mouth Gestures

Dear Valerie, Penny and friends,

I am reading your messages about writing facial expressions with great
interest - but at the same time I am so much under pressure to fullfill some
jobs at the moment that there is not too much opportunity right now to
contribute too much to your discussion -

But I think that it is an interesting point to discuss spellings of mouth

Here in Germany the native DEAF signer uses "mouthing" very very often. In
fact since I started to write SW a year ago I had to learn that my first
documents are difficult to read because I neglected too many mouth-movements
that are associated with articulating voiceless German words

Contrary to Pennys idea I am positiv that my students would have a very
difficult job to write the German translation of a given DGS - phrase if I
would not add typical mouth movements that go along with DGS - signing.
Besides that there are typical DGS - mouth gestures not connected or
associated with German words -

So writing SW documents I have to keep in mind the purpose and the reader
that I am writing for.

It makes sense to ask different competent SW readers who are native SL
speakers and to ask for their feedback -

One possibility would be to write in letters the word that goes along with
the mouthing.
(Hmm at the moment I do not like that - but .. who knows ..)

Another possibility is to agree within a informed national SL - and SW
comunity upon a set of mouth - symbols that go along with typical
sound-producing mouth - pictures.

The last happened when I decided to develop a specific Mundbildschrift.
You have to keep in mind though that I don use all the different symbols
with normal SW- video-transcription documents. On the other side it helps a
lot to write a typical mouthsymbol for the "mouthmovement that is associated
with producing the sound of the German "O, A, E,U,B,M,Sch, ..."

This makes now the difference between my transcription and Yours Valerie -
looking at the video I "see" something different because of my additional
background about articulation of the German words. While you would pick
the protruding lips I probably would prefer the "U" mouth if the word that
is spoken is pronounced with a "U- sound "
I guess - if both of us would transcribe a SL mit mouth gestures that is
unfamiliar to both of us (remember the Japanes bible transcription
project - ha - has influenced very much my way of spelling - ) our outcomes
would become pretty much the same ?? Hope so ! - ha

But if You transcribe a German SL - video and me to - both of us would not
see the same - you see what you know or what you look for ? Let us ask a
parrotbreeder how to distinguish his all the same looking birds ?? (ha )

Hmm sounds somehow complicated ? I am sorry. Probably I will write a more
detailed article about this matter later - so that would or could serve as a
fundament for our discussion.

Have a wonderfull and healthy and peacefull New Year

All the best

Stefan ;-)

PS Looking at the old graphics I feel a little bit ashamed - but that is
how things started and yes TINI and HENK - L.I. F. E.
Today we write the same signs somewhat differently . In order to allow my
little studends to write by hand with less problems we use in
"Mundbildschrift" simple strokes coming from the mouth to indicate that
there is only air but no voice involved ;-)
see the attached gif ( die Dose, der Besen, der Bus, das Kamel)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Valerie Sutton"
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2001 7:00 AM
Subject: Re: ZURICH: Mouth Gestures

> >Zurich Project wrote: I suppose the most pragmatic solution would be
> >to write all the symbols on one face and then tidy up the image with
> >a graphics program (Graphic Converter, Photoshop) right before the
> >print-out.
> Writing facial expressions by hand is not a problem... Typing facial
> expressions with SignWriter 4.4 does have problems. The circles for
> the face are not good graphics quality - like little staircases!
> Plus, when you place one face on top of the other, the symbols will
> oftentimes collide with each other and are you are
> right, there are graphics problems...
> You mention good solutions above....converting the graphics with
> other software, or adjusting it in Photoshop...
> Stefan in Germany did something very clever...He constructed the air
> leaving the mouth with individual lines, line by line, which he found
> elsewhere on the SignWriter keyboard...If you look at the attached
> diagram, you can see that he spaced the air lines further from the
> the faces can be "specially constructed" in SignWriter 4.4
> if need be.
> The attached diagram is taken from the web site:

facial expressions mundbildschrift.gif
Type: image/gif
Size: 10k

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