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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Dec 29, 2001  7:04 pm
Subject:  FRENCH SWISS: Software Question

>>FRENCH SWISS Project wrote: I have a problem installing SW in my
>>Macintosh. I've printed the instructions... but actually I can't
>>even open the File (the font) as it says the application used to
>>create the file isn't available... ! I don't understand what the
>>problem is... and it's quite frustrating to get stucked at the
>>first step ! Ive got a Powerbook G3 and I have different porgramm
>>as microsoft ffice 2001; Adobe, AppleWork, ... I don't know what
>>I'm supposed to do to make it work ! I tried to download Stuffit
>>Expander from the web... I have no idea if it will help or not ! Is
>>there anything you can do or suggest to help me !?! Waiting to hear
>>from you. A-Claude

Dear SignWriting List Members,
and Anne-Claude Prélaz from French-Switzerland!

Welcome to the List, Anne-Claude! Your project in SignWriting is
valuable to us and I hope in time you will tell us about it...

I am always happy to help with technical questions on the SignWriting
List...Your problems can be solved, do not worry. I work on a
Macintosh too, so I know all the issues ;-)

First, which program are you trying to install?

1. SignWriter 4.4?


2. a Sutton True-Type Font, such as "Sutton FR"?

Write again to tell us the name of the program, and then I can then
answer your question -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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