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From:  Julienne R Palmer
Date:  Thu Jan 24, 2002  6:24 am
Subject:  Re: Your opinions

Hi Valerie... not back in Peru. I decided it was best to stay here in
Calif. The SignWriting program however is forging ahead with two deaf at
the helm accompnaied by hearing assistants. Soooon I want to get with
you on what I can do to help spread SW here. The people I've talked to
at CSUN and some others have some acquaintance with and slight interest
in SW. I bought a laptop with the promise I could take out the XP and
put in ME and all would be fine but not true. When I loaded the ME the
modem refused to work, and so had to take out ME and put back XP. The SW
program works fine with ME. I'm at a loss as to what to do now, just
write by hand I guess. Oh wells. Hope to be able to run doen to LaJolla
soon and spend a day with you. Take care...juliana

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