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From:  Sergio Ribeiro
Date:  Sat Feb 2, 2002  11:31 am
Subject:  Re: ( Portuguese ) SignWriter Windows

Hi Stefan,

You are right. My idea is make a menu in Word Doc, I still finish this, but
i tested and it is possible. I can insert menu in Word using VBA programer
or macro. It is very simple but i need sign simbols it is a greate job. Have
you a sign simbols ? Can you send that one to me ?

Thank you,

Sergio RIbeiro

Hello Sergio,

I asked

for a translation ;-)))

As far as I can read the text - I understand that you are working on a
program to use the SW symbols directly within WORD - Documents -

I am really interested to learn more about the program if it works. Does
this mean that you can paste signs from the SW.44 Dictionary directly into
Word Documents ???

Stefan ;-))

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