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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 3, 2002  11:00 pm
Subject:  For Programmers: GIFs for SW Symbols

SignWriting List
February 3, 2002

Dear Sergio, Flavio, Dan and other programmers...

SignWriting symbols are categorized by three different years of
development. There are three sets of symbols:

1995 SignWriting Symbol Set... (in SignWriter 4.4)
1999 SignWriting Symbol Set... (in SignWriter 5.0)
2002 SignWriting Symbol Set... (in SignBank 2002)

Did you know that the SWML Site offers SignWriting GIFs, bundled for
you to download? Thanks to the hard work of SWML developper, Antonio
Carlos da Rocha Costa, this service is free to us...Thank you,
Antonio Carlos!

To Download:

sss1995 Symbol Set

sss1999 Symbol Set

Since I haven't completed the sss2002, that will have to wait until
Fall 2002...That is SymbolBank on the web, and there are some GIFs
for download there too...

Sergio - If you need symbols, I hope this will help you - The Gifs
do not include all rotations and flops, since those commands are done
through other programming in the SignWriter 4.4 source code.

Val ;-)

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