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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 5, 2002  3:10 am
Subject:  Re: French Swiss new questions

At 10:44 PM +0100 3/4/02, MGirod & ACPrélaz wrote:
>one of the therapist (psychomotricienne) notices (she's left handed)
>that this system might be confusing for left hand dominants and also for
>the children who don't have a clear representation of their body (shema
>corporel in french)... or even for people that do have lateralization
>problems... Her question in link with the previous elements is: What are
>the competence & knowledge needed for a child to access SW. The team
>imagine that a child needs to have quite a good level in SL before he
>can use (read and write) SW.

Right handed or left handed signing is not an issue - people write
both in SignWriting, and both can be read beautifully! We have quite
a lot of examples of left-handed signing written in SignWriting....

A child can be a beginner signer, or a skilled signer...Learning
SignWriting is easy for children. Of course, the good signers may
approach it a little differently, but beginning signers can remember
signs better when they learn to read them too...and the little facial
expressions are so darling that most children take to it immediately -

I think your team is analyzing too much - just try it and see what
happens...looking at a few written signs on paper will not hurt the
children one way or the other, and meanwhile it might be just the
answer needed for some least that seems to be true in
Albuquerque -

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