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From:  MGirod & ACPrélaz
Date:  Thu Mar 21, 2002  10:15 pm
Subject:  Re: SignBank 2002

Dear Valerie, dear Tony, dear members of the list...

I don't know if others SW list members are sign language interpreters...
but, I have to correct what has been said in a previous message about
the translation between a spoken and a signed language.

Valerie... you wrote:
"I know this seems discouraging, but it is important that you
understand that translation is not exact between signed and spoken

You can't say translation is not EXACT....! It is exact. The fact is
that some grammatical items like prepositions do not exist as LEXICAL
items in sign languages... as they are given by the movement and
position in space. The big difference between signed and spoken
languages is that one is linear and the other is tridimensional (I hope
the words are correct in english!). Using space and movements,
connecting signs in space... the relationship between the lexical items
are clear in SL... Spoken languages do have to add lots of theses little
words to make relationship between the different items clear.

These differences in spoken and signed languages do not have impact on
the translation.

I hope I was clear.... Couldn't read that without reacting... so I
thought I'd better write back to tell you my point of view!
I'd love to hear other interpreters on the subject !!

Back soon for more informations on the list


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