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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 9, 2002  3:36 pm
Subject:  Re: CS programmer making an american sign program

SignWriting List
April 9, 2002

>> Andy Uehara wrote: here is the location of my website:
>> I saw that you mentioned sending source
>>code. I am very interested in this. I would prefer to see the java
>>code rather then the old pascal version. My source code is licensed
>>under the GPL license. Meaning free to use/distribute/change as
>>long as all changes get refered back to me and that the project
>>will not become proprietary. >would you like to be on my
>>announcement list? It's a LOW frequency announcement of any major
>>changes to the program. I welcome any input you might have....

Hello Andy!
Welcome to the SignWriting List. I can certainly understand that you
would prefer to see the java code. I have a java programmer working
with me on it right now, and I hope to have some source code that
would be readable by another person, in around 6 months. The java
code is not functioning well enough for anyone to figure it out
alone, without me. I know this for a fact, because I have given it to
others, and they are professional programmers, and they do not know
where to begin because it is such a mess!! But we are cleaning the
mess...and I hope to open the sources as soon as possible...

Meanwhile SignWriter DOS is used all over the world, so if you want
that code in Microsoft Pascal right now, that is always available to

Plus there are other programmers on this list developing their own
software for SignWriting, so you may want to start a discussion with
the List here...I look forward to reading your messages.

Do you know about SWML, and SignBank? Those are two developing programs...

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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