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From:  FerretHill
Date:  Thu May 6, 1999  3:47 pm
Subject:  Moving to San Diego

Hello Valerie!

Guess that I am moving to San Diego for graduate school after all. I
would very much like to meet you or one of your associates to have some
more advanced lessons on Sign Writing. I will be attending SDSU in Deaf
Education and I am very much looking forward to it.

Since that I am graduating and have the summer to do whatever I want, I
will be practicing sign writing, is there any other stuff besides the
website that I can get, I recall that you have videos and books, but I
don't think the library would have them here, it's a pretty small town,
although you could see if Utah State University can take it because we
do have one of the best Bi/Bi deaf education and it will be great to
hint the professor to go to the library and look at it. It would be
nice to also have them available to the future Bi/Bi educators of the
Deaf. Dr. King still has this theory that visual languages are nearly
impossible to express on paper, but is open to ideas. I did give him
the general info that you mailed me but he has not yet told me what he
thought of it, probably because it was not based on hard research.

Anyway, is there a loan program that I can borrow the videos and stuff?

I knew before but I did not realize that you are in La Jolla when I made
my decision to attend SDSU. Guess it must be some sort of signal from
above telling something :-)

Take care, I'll keep in contact. I won't be in SD till September.

John Hill

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