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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Wed Nov 3, 1999  7:20 pm
Subject:  Re: My messages not showing up on Hotmail..

> Hello SignWriting List....
> Strange thing is happening...
> When I write an email message to the SW List without any attachments, my
> messages show up on Hotmail accounts.

I see similar things here. So it's not so strange.

> But when I attach a .GIF file, they do not show up on Hotmail. The entire
> message is blank inside Hotmail.

The cause of such things here is a bug in Outlook Express 4.5 for Mac. If
there's a MIME part declared as HTML it prefers that to the plain text
version---even if the HTML part is empty. Hotmail is one of the sources of
such messages! I've seen similar things from webtv address except there the
message header includes a MIME part declaration but there are no parts at
all. Again OE gets confused and displays nothing.

> The same message will show up fine in our SW List Archives...
> is my there anyone out there who can tell me why
> our SW List archives can read the messages with attachments, but not
> Hotmail?

I know the technical reasons (in terms of RFC 821/822) but there's nothing
I can do to fix it.

> Do you think it has something to do with Mac versus Windows, or interlacing
> versus not interlacing?

Neither. It's a bug with Hotmail.

> Thanks for your help -

Isn't much of a help really. You'll have to badger Hotmail to correct it so
that multiple MIME parts are rendered correctly.

Regards, Trevor


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