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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 3, 1999  9:33 pm
Subject:  Last message about hotmail...

November 3, 1999

Dear SW List Members...
I am sorry to say I have not solved the issues with hotmail. The problem is
sporadic and complicated and I may never solve it. Therefore it is
imperative that all hotmail account users read the messages in the
SignWriting List Archive everyday:

SignWriting List Archive


Leave hotmail and get another account with a private internet service
provider. Hotmail is free, after all, and you cannot expect perfect
service. Paying for service sometimes does solve problems, especially in
this case...

A good friend just sent me this information, which is quite also shows the problems with hotmail:


Hotmail Problems:

Sometimes when I post FROM my hotmail account with an attachment to my work
address it comes over blank. The same has been true with AOL email that is
either forwarded or has attachments. There is something, evidently, in
these proprietary systems that allows sending e-mail which would be
analogous to a blank cover sheet with enclosures. The problem is that when
the other system gets it, since the cover sheet is blank, the enclosures are
lost. I am describing this badly and I am not clear on it but you are not
the only one. Guess that is really my point.

So now when I need to send something with an attachment I use the email
account from my internet service provider or, if it is coming from Hotmail,
I reply to a message with the attachment instead of composing a whole new
message. If I am forwarding, the text from hotmail sometimes makes itself
an attachment to a blank mail message and when I get it, it is empty. What
I do instead to forward is copy the text to my clipboard, paste it into a
newly composed message, and send that. Of course that won't work with .gif

You just got to fiddle around with it. There are so many different
combinations of software and platforms and all that it may be that you have
found a unique problem. Who can say?


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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