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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 13, 1999  3:40 pm
Subject:  Re: A question...

>Anyway, works for us. They loved the books and would like to read more,
>when they are available, but as far as writing it themselves is
> will take practice and motivation and time. I'm not very
>good at it myself because I'm not comfortable just dashing off a note in SW.
>However, we have one fellow (an adult and our rebel) who is not only a
>sloppy signer, but a sloppy SW writer. He says "well, you should be able to
>figure it out if you read on!". It's a conundrum because, he's right AND
>he's writING. If we read on we do manage to figure it out. Go figure.
>Obviously we are boldly going where no one has gone before. Onward ho!
>Kathy Akehurst
>Private Tutor
>Ontario Canada


Kathy - This was a masterful piece of writing...thank you!!

It is these kinds of messages that really mean something to other teachers,
because they are facing the same issues, and even if other people do not
respond to a message, they are reading it anyway, and thinking about what
you said. So you are contributing to other classrooms, when you write about

I am quite impressed with your ability to teach, let the
students teach you and themselves...what could be better?! You are doing a
terrific job!

I know that you need more reading materials in ASL, but I am sure you can
see my personal situation...flooded with requests from all over the world
and I cannot do everything...I walk around my office saying to myself: "I
wish I could get something done!"

Meanwhile, I am aware I am getting things done....but not enough for your
student's not start a new classrooom project?...Choose one
story and ask the whole group to try to write it in American Sign Language?
Then each person can add a sentence or two, and you might end up with a new
piece of literature?

And you can tell your students that if the literature is a positive piece
that would be interesting to other Deaf people, then maybe the DAC will
publish it someday! It would be a challenge for them and give them
something to focus also might give us some more reading literature -
which is badly needed...

Just a thought! Meanwhile, thanks again for the outstanding feedback, which
will be placed on the web shortly -

Please send my love to your students -

Val ;-)

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