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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Tue Sep 19, 2000  5:41 pm
Subject:  Re: Acrobat converts .ps files into .pdf files

Since you are operating with a DOS program, the use of a DOS shareware
program to redirect the output is par for the course. I wouldn't worry
about it. Contact the shareware author and see if you can make an
arrangement to package his product with SignWriter. Then the Signwriter
package is complete. Maybe someone can tweak the SignWriter code to
automatically reference this utility and not require the user to personally
do it. That will make that part seamless and you can still negotiate with

A suggestion ...


At 10:28 09/19/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>> PRN2File is a DOS utility that redirects a DOS print queue to a
>>file, which means that it should run under SoftPC. You can find it at
>> -Angus B. Grieve-Smith
>SignWriting List
>September 19, 2000
>Hello SW List, and Angus!
>Thank you, Angus, for all your wonderful information.
>I am truly grateful to you, for proving to us that it can work!
>But I have another problem I must solve, and it has nothing to do
>with any kind of shareware.
>I need to know how to do this job with Acrobat 4.0 alone. Somehow
>Acrobat 4.0 must have an equivalent to the PRN2File? I do not know, I
>haven't had the time to get to this. But I have to figure it out,
>because without that knowledge, I cannot make my proposal to Adobe.
>I am writing a proposal to Adobe, to ask for a collaboration
>relationship with SignWriting & Adobe...but before I do that, I want
>to be able to say to them that I know how to convert a SignWriter
>file to a postscript file! ;-)
>So, I asked Jerry and Stefan to help me learn how to do this with
>Acrobat in Windows. I purchased copies of Acrobat 4.0 for Windows for
>them both. So they both have it.
>Their instructions are excellent, but their instructions are
>specifically for GhostWriter and/or the PRN2File, which is not what I
>need to make a proposal to Adobe fact it could work
>against us if I mention a competitor! ;-))
>And then we all got so busy with other things, that this problem
>never got solved. I will try to get to it soon - Sorry to burden all
>of you when you already have helped me so much!
>Is it possible that Adobe also relies on shareware for the PRN2File?
>Many thanks, Angus, once again!! ;-)

Stuart Thiessen
4616 Hickman
Des Moines, IA 50310
(515) 280-0005 Pager ()

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