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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jul 26, 1999  6:50 pm
Subject:  Using SignWriting to Teach Math

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999, Dawn wrote:
>I use SignWriting in Math to show subtraction and addition. SignWrting is
>becoming a main form of communication for us.

>With my deepest gratitude,
>Dawn McReynolds


July 26, 1999

Hello Dawn and everyone on the SignWriting List!

I hope you all have enjoyed your June and July :-)

This is the quiet time of year on the SignWriting List. As soon as the
school year begins in late-August (in the schools in the northern
hemisphere), the messages start flowing! So I have been working behind the
scenes, preparing for the wonderful school year ahead of us. This is an
exciting time right now...lots of new developments to share with you. I am
waiting for mid-August, when I know the teachers are returning from their
summer vacations.

I would like to welcome several new members to the SW List. I hope you will
introduce yourselves. We would love to get to know you. In fact, perhaps
some of the long-time members would like to re-introduce yourselves too? -
It is always interesting to hear about your work and why you are using, or
are interested in SignWriting.

And thank you, Dawn, for your two great messages. I am very happy to hear
how much SignWriting has meant to you and your family. Your documented
feedback is very important for other teachers. We are all learning together.

Dr. Karen van Hoek, a linguist skilled in SignWriting, once told me that
using SignWriting to teach Deaf students math and science would be a great
tool...and it seems like you are already experimenting with this, Dawn. I
think this is great!

We would love to hear how it goes. Maybe you can send me some examples of
the lessons you have prepared in math written in SignWriting? I could then
place the diagrams on your web page, to show others the lessons you have

I believe Ingvild Roald, in Norway, taught science to her Deaf students,
using SignWriting, and perhaps math? I am not sure....

In regards to the SignWriter Computer Program, you can download the
SignWriter Shareware right now from our web site:

Download SignWriter Shareware
version 4.3 for MS-DOS

The shareware is complete for ASL only. It contains all the Lessons and the
3000 ASL sign dictionary. So it is available to anyone free of charge

Write again if you have questions about using the shareware -

Many blessings -

Valerie :-)


Valerie Sutton

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