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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Mon Mar 6, 2000  7:56 am
Subject:  Re: Transcribing Video SL Bible translations

At 11:07 03/03/2000 -0800, you wrote:
> Mark - I enjoyed visiting your web site (address above), and why not
> place one passage written in SignWriting on your web site? That would
> be fun and educational for everyone-

Always mixed feelings when people visit the site--glad for the interest but
embarrassed that it is so simple, dated and untended. When I think of the
possibilities, video clips, SignWriting, order forms, on-line reviews,
etc., I am all the more frustrated by the fact that I'm not the webmaster,
and even if I were, I haven't a clue how to even put text on, much less any
of the fancy stuff. I desparately want to learn, but I'm barely keeping up
with my present responsibilities, so dare not promise too much.

But I can promise this: As SOON as I manage to do anything of the sort, I
will let the list know right away.

And I can make this offer: If a couple people want to try their hand a
transcription, I will send them a free copy of a JSL Bible portion to work
with, and will look at their work in .SGN and give what comments I can on
it. Understand, though, that I am not even up to the lowest beginner level
in SignWriting.

> Do you know how to make QuickTime movies? If not, maybe someone else
> does on the SignWriting List and they could advise you as to how to
> get some video clips into your computer..then you can send
> indiividuals the videoclips by email (not to the SW List itself
> because the files will be too large for some computers to
> download)....

I know one person that has put our Bible onto CDr/w and can play it in a
window of his computer, but I have no idea what format he used. I tried it
in my CD drive, but my computer was too slow/old/whatever to play it back,
so it probably wasn't QuickTime.

> Then we could work on portions of it as a group - it would be good
> for people to record a signed language they do not many
> ways that is the best way to learn SignWriting, since it is a generic
> writing system...

Yes. And if someone knew how to do this, wouldn't it be great to have a
video with "closed captioning" in SignWriting. That seems like a
tremendously effective teaching tool--instant feedback in a natural signing
context. But already I have more ideas than we have time . . . alas.

Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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