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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 18, 2000  1:04 am
Subject:  More wonderful features with .PDF!

SignWriting List
April 17, 2000

Not only does Adobe Acrobat .PDF format solve the problems of
printing all 7 formats in SignWriter 4.3, but it also solves the
problem of printing four formats of dictionary files, plus for the
first time the little add-on called "ColumnMaker" that turns files
into "vertical format"...for the first time the files that are
converted with ColumnMaker....will be able to be printed to a
postscript file and published in .PDF - wow! No more deprivation for
those who do not own laser printers!

There are still some issues I need to explore -

1. Angus and Bill have been discussing GhostWriter. I knew nothing
about that program. So it would be great to find out all we can of
other programs too, that are also a generic form of Acrobat.

2. In regards to the expense of purchasing Acrobat 4.0...that is
always solvable. Actually the cost of around $300 is nothing when I
know that the development of the original .PDF formatting and the
development of the Postscript language itself cost them millions of
dollars. And yes, these programs can be donated and I have already
received donations from Adobe and there are always
ways around the money issue.

3. I am thinking of contacting Adobe, once I know their program
backwards and forwards, to ask them for an "arrangement" where we
have licensing of some kind so that gives us permission to distribute
Adobe Acrobat as a bundle with SignWriter 4.3...and I will write a
special manual teaching people how to make all of SignWriter's
printing formats work in .PDF files - just as Angus has already
explained - but with screen captures taking people through each
step...and exploring other wonderful features in a new instruction

4. I have already learned, for example, that a good scan of some
SignWriting can be scanned "directly into a PDF file" - and the
SignWriting looked great when I tried it - I was amazed...

5. I have already learned that once a document is prepared in PDF,
you can reduce the document on the screen and then take a screen
capture of the reduction and from that graphic of the reduction, get
good quality SignWriting at small sizes on the screen for web design.

6. But there are still several issues on the Macintosh, because the
Mac files go through a DOS emulator, either SoftPC or VirtualPC, and
I have to see if "printing to a postscript file" is possible using
those two programs on the Mac.

So if any of you know other programs, like GhostWriter, that can
create these postscript files, or if you have other tips for people,
please tell us, and we can slowly document all the information as an
instruction manual for "universal SignWriting printing" through .PDF.

Now to grant writing -

Thanks once again, Angus and Bill, for all your help!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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